Friday, October 21, 2005


Having previously lived as an expatriate in both the United Kingdom and Germany for several years, I am fluent in German with a high degree of competency in French. I've launched four European subsidiaries, all profitably, with full P&L responsibility. Each was a "start-up" situation, where the emphasis was on my ability to stand on my own as an entrepreneur and my willingness to get my hands dirty when necessary. I have also been instrumental in assisting non-U.S. software companies with their messaging, positioning and launch in the North American market.

Key international accomplishments include:

- Defined and executed international positioning, launch, channel and partnership strategies for a number of companies, as well as tactical implementation planning. Developed revenue forecasts and site selection criteria.

- Successfully established and maintained distribution networks in Europe, Latin America and throughout Asia Pacific.

- Served as Managing Director of United Kingdom affiliate, bringing it to full profitability within the first 12 months of operations.

- Gained 70% European market share for products.

- Increased European channel revenues from $200,000 to $27,000,000 over six years for one employer, contributing 47% to the corporate bottom line.

- Increased global channel revenues from $380,000 to $10,000,000 over three years for another employer.

- Acknowledged by Software magazine for achieving the highest growth rate in the nation in non-US revenues of the top 100 software companies.

- Successfully negotiated a joint venture for Japan. Took leadership role in negotiation of Asian joint venture to market wireless enabled products for the People's Republic of China.